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Anuga FoodTec
March 20–23, 2018
Hall 8.1
Booth A60/A68
Messe Köln

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Compact, safe and flexible: we have the right system for you when it comes to the filling and processing of food, dairy or sensitive products. Find out how our machine concepts flexibly adapt to your production requirements thanks to their modular design – while taking up very little space and providing a high level of product safety. One special focus of the trade show is our chunk dosing unit, with which you can now also process fruit chunks in many different ways, such as in milk or smoothie products. At the booth presented by our partner Florin at Anuga FoodTec you can also be convinced by our equally flexible Innoket Roland 40 labeling machine, the all-rounder for the food industry.

KHS highlights

Filling a wide variety of products involves running smaller batches. In order to cater for this trend in milk and mixed milk products and fruit and vegetable juices, we have developed an aseptic linear filler which is flexible, resource efficient and extremely low on space. Products can be changed over in just five to ten minutes. A new transfer module enables the linear filler to be easily blocked with a standard KHS stretch blow molder. The modular design satisfies customer demand for greater flexibility, meaning that lines and machines can also be subsequently adapted or expanded..

More on the advantages of the new aseptic linear filling block

With our new chunk dosing unit as a convincing additional module for the aseptic linear filler or block, in the future you can process smoothies, yoghurts, yoghurt drinks or on-the-go products, for instance. It is now possible to fill pulp containing chunks measuring up to 10 x 10 x 10 millimeters in size – which includes chunks of peach, whole cherries or strawberries. With this we are satisfying the trend for ever larger chunks – whether in soups, sauces, preserves or milk products. The new chunk filler is perfectly suitable for viscous products in particular, such as yoghurt, quark, syrup or honey, and for chunky products. Basically, all that limits the size of the chunks is the diameter of the bottle neck. You can add solid particles either as part of a fully mixed product – in which case the chunk filler is used in place of the normal filling system – or as separate chunks to a yoghurt, for example, which the consumer mixes with the fruit content just before drinking. In the latter scenario the chunk filler is integrated upstream of the standard filling system. This is a level of flexibility which is hard to beat.

More on the new chunk dosing unit (s. Options)

We are now able to offer you our modular high-performance filler for sensitive and milk beverages in PET containers as a space- and resource-saving block with our stretch blow molder. Various systems are available from our base module through ultraclean and extended shelf life filling to aseptic bottling.

As an alternative to tried-and-tested bottle sterilization our rotary machines feature a combined preform and bottle sterilization function known as the new Innosept Asbofill ASR 2Step process. At the first stage the preform is sterilized at the infeed to the stretch blow molder; in the second step the blown bottle is sterilized on its way into the filler. Thanks to this space-saving system in the Innosept Asbofill ASR 2Step process there is no longer any need for the previously necessary sterilization carousel, thus considerably reducing the size of the drying module.

This makes the system safe, compact and clear in structure. The aseptic or hygienic zone is kept extremely small at just 12 to 14 cubic meters.

All details on the modular rotary filler block

At Anuga FoodTec we will be exhibiting our successful efficient labeling model for various food packaging styles at our partner Florin’s trade show booth. The Innoket Roland 40 easily manages individual labeling tasks for a whole range of packaging formats and volumes at outputs of between approximately 2,500 and 25,000 containers per hour. Its areas of application are many and varied, with operation extremely simple. In addition to the two base cold glue stations self-adhesive stations and combinations of cold glue and self-adhesive technology are also feasible. The engineering is based on durable components which have proved themselves in practice in our successful Innoket Neo series for the high-capacity range.

Further information on the Innoket Roland 40

Thanks to over 40 years of experience in the processing and handling of PET containers and filling of a diverse range of products into said receptacles, you can also rely on us concerning systems for all kinds of food products. We provide intelligent packaging for sauces and paste-like products especially, such as containers with particularly large openings or our Plasmax technology; known as FreshSafe PET, with its ultrathin layer of glass coated on the inside of the PET container the latter protects your quality products similar to a glass jar or bottle. The difference is that the PET packaging is light, unbreakable and advantageous in its handling.

You can also choose between a number of modern packaging systems for the point of sale which we supply in countless variants: from film, pads and cartons to packs with carrying handles. Flexible, economical and reliable.

Find out more about our PET packaging lines and corresponding packing systems

When processing highly sensitive products, maintenance and servicing play a decisive role when it comes to ensuring long-term product safety and avoiding machine downtimes. Here, too, we are fully geared to your requirements. You can either have us manage your entire maintenance program or carry out most of the work yourself, as you wish. We would be very happy to provide you with advice in this respect.

Another plus are the various upgrade options we supply for many lines and machines. Have us advise you personally or use our upgrade finder to check how you can also bring your old machines up to date, for example.

Explore our range of services for aseptic maintenance

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Anuga FoodTec

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50679 Köln

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